Sustainability/Going Green

Green Manufacturer

Royalty Carpet Mills has maintained a responsible and highly applauded corporate profile dedicated to keeping the environment safe and sustainable. We are renowned as an environmentally responsible manufacturer of recyclable, sustainable carpets made in California. The carpet itself is tested and third-party certified by CRI Green Label +Plus. As a result of dramatically reducing the environmental impact of producing carpet, we can point to our unparalleled two-decade commitment and leadership in this area.

Air Quality and Reducing Our Footprint

Dedicated to improving and maintaining good air quality, Royalty complies with stringent California standards outlined by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), the strictest environmental regulatory agency in the USA. Royalty also makes real investments in energy/footprint reduction. Three methods for energy co-generation are employed that produce electrical and thermal energy. (1) Our generators’ engines use natural gas to create electicity. (2) Engine exhaust is used to heat our ovens. (3) The water used to cool an engine is recirculated to preheat our boiler water, saving more gas.